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Overall Expenses of Owning a Small Plane

A private plane bought for family vacations or business purposes charges way more than just the initial investment. The average price of a small jet is around $300,000 without any other amenities. Additionally, it requires a secured hangar charging $275 rent per month, a regular supply of jet fuel or AVGAS currently $1.7 per gallon, timely maintenance subscriptions around $650 annually, and repairs, if any. The owners also have to maintain a permanent cabin crew with licensed pilots and trained staff. Renting one from a Charter Service costs around $3000 per flight hour, and an exclusive crew can charge even more. Lastly, compulsory liability insurances start from $10,000 per year, and aviation and landing charges can start from $100 per trip.


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Owner Elizabeth Larsen writes from her home town of Vancouver about the island-hopping lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest.

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