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Tips For First-Time Passengers Of Private Aircraft

Have you ever experienced riding an airplane before? Most people have experienced riding huge commercial airplanes. But what if you are to ride a small private airplane to explore the islands? Some people may fear riding smaller airplanes and some people may simply fear riding any airplane. If you are one of them, here are some tips that you should remember as a first-time passenger of small airplanes:

Make sure to wear comfortable clothing

When flying on a small airplane, make sure to wear something comfortable such as shorts and sandals or sneakers. There is really no dress code when it comes to riding small airplanes but it would be good if you could keep it in theme with where you are going. So if you are island hopping, you can wear comfy clothes and even wear a hat and some sunglasses.

Bring minimal luggage

Unlike commercial flights, small airplanes allow you to only bring limited baggage. That’s because there is also a smaller room for them and there might also be other passengers that need to be seated.  Make sure that you bring only what is necessary and avoid bringing extra items as they can take up too much space on the airplane.

Be prepared for turbulence

Small airplanes are more likely to experience turbulence due to their smaller size. To prepare for this, make sure to wear your seat belt at all times while flying and listen to your pilot’s instructions carefully. This will help keep you safe from any unexpected bumps during the flight.

Follow safety protocols

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the safety protocol before getting on board a small airplane. Your pilot will go over the safety protocol with you before the flight but it’s still important to remember them. This includes knowing what to do in case of an emergency and how to properly use the oxygen masks.

Arrive Before Your Scheduled Flight

Unlike needing to be at the airport hours before your flight for commercial and huge airplane flights, you don’t need to do that for private flights for small airplanes. However, you still need to come in advance so you can be on time for your flight. Avoid delays and make sure you are at the airport at least 15 minutes before your scheduled flight.

Restroom On Private Planes

Even with smaller-sized planes, there could still be some that have their own bathroom or lavatories. Typically, smaller private planes are used for short routes and you can choose to use the bathroom or just hold it in until you reach your destination. However, there are some that do not have one because of the size of the airplane itself. If you are concerned with your privacy, you can first call the flight providers and ask for the airplane’s specifications so you can get ready and know what to expect.

Drinking And Alcohol

Some private and small airplanes have a complimentary bar in them. Although drinking alcohol can help calm your nerves a bit especially if you are nervous about your first flight, you should still control how much alcohol you consume. Overindulging in alcohol can lead to serious trouble and accidents on board the plane.

Tipping The Pilot And Crew

There isn’t really a complete guideline or rule when it comes to tipping the crew or the pilot. However, you should clear this out first with their company because there are some companies that forbid their employees from receiving tips. If the pilot and crew exceeded your expectations, you can try giving them a tip to show your appreciation for the great work that they did.

Be aware of your surroundings

Finally, remember to be aware of your surroundings while flying on a small airplane. Pay attention to any changes in weather or altitude and if you notice anything unusual, let your pilot know right away. This will help ensure that everyone onboard is safe during the flight.


Flying on a small airplane can be an exciting experience but it is important to remember certain safety protocols. Make sure to dress comfortably, bring minimal baggage, prepare for turbulence, follow safety protocols, and arrive in time for your flight. You should also know the specifications of the plane before you board and control how much alcohol you consume. Finally, always be aware of your surroundings during the flight so everyone stays safe.

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